Bursts of Orange

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I have been knee deep in the midst of organizing our documents and finances and finally gave in and bought a shielded wallet feature for my husband. I have been neglecting posting some favorites in this blog so let’s start by posting a room with the color of the year! This would be perfect for a dorm room or a room full of tweens or teenagers dont you think so? I can totally see myself sharing this room with my sisters back when I was single.

Christmas-Inspired Rooms

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What would be a store’s Point of sale display these days?

Anything Christmas related!

This is why I am drooling over these very lovely rooms decorated with Christmas trimmings! Each room is different, playing with traditional and bold colors and standing out. You will definitely see an inspiration for YOUR home among these pictures. I actually just picked the ones that I love the most, but these are really 33 (can you imagine?) awe-inspiring rooms!

What’s your pick?

Christmas living room

Christmas living room

Christmas living room

Christmas living room

Christmas living room

Loft with Orange Accents – Perfect for Fall/Halloween

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Time to turn on the pool heat pumps in your pool, if your house has one. It is now officially the start of fall, with September 23rd being the official start of longer nights across the world. I figured it would be a perfect time to feature a house with orange accents – perfect for pumpkin-picking season, fall/autumn and Halloween!

This is a small loft – and yet you can see each space has been maximized efficiently and the high ceilings gave the illusion of bigger spaces.

. Occupying 58 square meters, this apartment displays functional spaces divided on two floors. The first floor shelters the main living spaces – kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom, while the second floor is occupied by the bedroom. The elongated structure of the apartment allowed the living spaces to be united by a stylish spiral staircase. Found on Homedit, the beautiful small apartment seems larger due to the height of the ceilings. This also allowed the space to be configured the way it is – with a mezzanine sheltering the private quarters, where relaxation and joy is enhanced by a feeling of fairytale design.

Featured House.

I have two kids – a boy and girl – and they share a room. I have been looking for ways to make their room as personal as possible without it being too boyish nor girly and these pictures provided a wealth of inspiration. I learned that when decorating a his and hers bedroom, sticking to a neutral color palette would be my best bet.

Here is an example of a bedroom with a baby girl and an older brother. Her crib was situated in a former closet.

These beds are neither too girly nor boyish thanks to the red and blue color palette. It has its own singular theme though.

I can imagine this will work with my kids. They are a bit older and have different tastes. In this room, spaces were clearly defined by colors, even with different themes. And somehow, the interior design still works.

Who would not want to have a Pottery Barn room for their children? I am an advocate of loft beds, bunk beds and trundle beds because I want space to be utilized and maximized accordingly. And Pottery Barn just does it with flair, do they?

Here is a tiered/loft room. This image from Real Living would surely make kids excited as this looks like more of a playhouse than a room. I would prefer to have this for older children who are safe to climb beds.

For tweeners who share a room, they can get quite territorial and would demand their own space. If moving them into their own room is impossible even if you can get a Cash Advance loan to convert a room, here are some tips:

Partition a bedroom and create a boundary by using:

* A Japanese rice paper screen
* A wood veneer partition, like those used for office cubicles
* Wooden blinds or fabric shades that draw up to the ceiling

Liz Howard, an interior designer, gives her advice in the oncala.com article, “If you block line of sight, you give a sense of privacy even if there is someone else just inches away.”

Brighten Up Any Room with Yellow!

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yellow room

yellow room

yellow room

yellow room

I have always loved the yellow hue in everything. In fact, whenever I test out an online printing service, I always send in a card with different yellow hues to make sure they get the shades correct.

And the color yellow can have amazing effects in rooms too! Look at how it has transformed every type of room above. I am totally in love with the yellow accent wall for the hallway. And dining with yellow walls just makes me happy already!

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