Hanging Beds

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hanging beds

My jaw literally dropped when I saw these hanging beds for a kids’ room. My initial thought was, “Wow! How cool” followed by, “There is no way my kids can sleep in those beds, they will probably not follow but all the frequent activity with each other would mean bumps along the corners of the bed.” And I would need more of the best wrinkle ream because of the stress it will bring.

But I have to admit, this is unique!
Interested to make one? You can find instructions for a DIY Hanging Bed and read more about the featured beds here.

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  • Bob says:

    I like the hanging bed ideas. What I would like to see is a combination so the beds can fold up on the wall sideways out of the way, but be let down and held by rope or chain. This is a poor man’s Murphy bed. I have a loft and want to put four of these up on the walls for the grandchildren when they visit. Just can quite figure out how to hinge them to the wall and rig for easy storage. Could configure like a bunk bed but not attached to each other.

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